Is your PC connected to the Internet? If
yes, then consider your PC is prone to cyber-attacks, hackers, and many such
hazardous outbreaks that will leave your data demolished and breached. It is
widely known that data breaching among banks and other financial organizations leads
to a mammoth loss of over millions.

A Firewall is a barrier or a shield between the cyberspace and your PC. Firewall filters the data and if found suspicious, it omits the distrustful data and keeps the PC’s data completely secured.

We, at Gear
Net Technologies,
offers cutting-edge Firewalls that efficiently monitors
traffic in all directions, keeping your private data absolutely secured. We
offer the best-in-class Firewalls:

Our Firewall products and solutions are a perfect match for all kinds of enterprises and assure that our customer’s data is kept private and fortified. We offer a wide array of Fortinet Firewall that has FortiGate 100 and FortiGate 101e firewall. However, Gear Net Technologies provides FortiGate 60e price, FortiGate 30e price and FortiGate 100e price at the lowest market rate. Because offering our customers with the least possible firewall price is our key aim.

Besides Fortinet, we also offer Sonic Firewall that lists Sonicwall, Sonicwall tz300 (Sonic tz300),
and Sonic Firewall 3600. Likewise,
Fortinet series, the Sonic Firewall
is the lowest at our company and assures 100 percent security with the
added advantage.

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