Model: ASR1001 Aggregation Service Router
Detail: Cisco ASR1000-series router, QuantumFlow processor, 2.5G system bandwidth, WAN aggregation, SPA slot, SIP10, OTV, VPL, LISP
Product Code Cisco ASR 1001
Rack Height 1 RU
System Bandwidth 2.5G (default) / 5G (upgrade)
Router Processor (RP) Dual-core 2.2Ghz processor
Build-in Gigabit Ethernet port 4 x SFP ports
Redundancy Software (license purchase separately)
SIP and Ethernet line card Integrated in chassis; not upgradable
Embedded hardware-based encryption up to 1.8-Gbps crypto support throughput
Rack-mounting 19-inch
DRAM Memory 4 GB
Flash Memory 8 GB
Shared port adapters 1 SPA slot
External USB flash memory 1-GB USB flash-memory s
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Product Details

Figure 1 shows the front panel of Cisco ASR 1001.


PWR—Power LED AUX—one RS-232 auxiliary port
STAT—status LED GE 2/0 and 0/0
CRIT LED—critical alarm indicatorMAJ LED—major alarm indicator

MIN LED —minor alarm indicator

GE 2/1 and 0/1
USB port GE 2/2 and 0/2
MGMT —one RJ-45 10/100/1000 management Ethernet port GE 2/3 and 0/3
CON—one RS-232 console port One half-height SPA Bay 1

· GE 2/0 and 0/0—The built-in GE ports use industry standard front-panel removable SFP optics and SFP copper interfaces.

Table 1 shows some LEDs’ Descriptions.

LEDs Color Description
PWR(Power) Solid green All power requirements are within specification.
Off The router is in standby mode.


Solid green Cisco IOSD and other required processes have loaded successfully and are operating.
Yellow ROMMON is running (including a permanent failure of RP software) or the Process Manager has declared a critical RP process (including IOSD) dead. A user can log in to recover.
Red Occurs during system failure or power-up.
CRIT(Critical) Solid Red Functions as a critical alarm indicator. The LED is lso a solid red during the boot process.
MAJ(Major) Solid Red Major alarm indicator.
MIN(Minor) Amber Minor alarm indicator.

Figure 2 shows the back panel of ASR1001.

There are seven internal fans draw cooling air into the chassis and across internal components to maintain an acceptable operating temperature.

Two power supplies, either two AC power supplies or two DC power supplies are accessed from the rear of the router.

The Configuration

The ASR1001 should be configured with some modules and accessories for normal operation.

Table 2 shows the recommended configuration.

Items Quantity Descriptions
ASR1001-PWR-AC 2 Cisco ASR 1000 Series Power Supply ASR1001-PWR-AC Cisco ASR1001 AC Power Supply,spare
CAB-ACU-RA 2 Power Cord UK, Right Angle
SPA-BLANK 1 Bkank Cover for regular SPA
M-ASR1K-1001-4GB 1 Cisco ASR1001 4GB DRAM
L-SLASR1-IPB= 1 Cisco ASR1001 License L-SLASR1-IPB=

Compare to Similar Items

Models ASR1001 ASR1001-X ASR1002 ASR1002-X ASR1004 ASR1006 ASR1013
Scalability 2.5 to 5 Gbps 2.5 to 20 Gbps 2.5 to 5, 10, 20Gbps 5 to 36 Gbps 10 to 40 Gbps 10 to 100 Gbps 40 to 200 Gbps
Rack Height 1U 1U 2U 2U 4U 6U 13U
SFP Ports 4 x 1G 6 x 1 G 4 x 1G 6 x 1G Optional Optional Optional
SPA slots 1 1 3 3 8 12 24
SIP Slots Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated 2 3 6
ESP Slots Integrated Integrated 1 Integrated 1 2 2
RP Slots Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated 1 2 2
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