Asus Vivo Aio V221 All-in-One PCs

he stunningly beautiful Vivo AiO V221 all-in-one PC is the slimmest-ever Vivo AiO, with a truly extraordinary audio system. Featuring advanced audio technology that includes transmission-linespeakers and smart amplifiers, Vivo AiO V221 immerses you in amazingly powerful, high-qualitysound for the ultimate multimedia experience.


Asus Vivo Aio V221


Eye-catching slim, timelessly elegant

Seamless, effortless

Vivo AiO V221’s simple yet elegant integrated stand is sculpted from a single piece of aluminum. It’s designed for complete stability and a graceful appearance, with a shape based on the Chinese character 人, for ‘human’. The perfectly balanced hinge keeps Vivo AiO V221’s screen firmly in place while allowing you to tilt it effortlessly to the most comfortable angle.

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