MSA 2042 SAN Dual Controller LFF Storage(Q0F05A)

HPE MSA 2042 SAN Dual Controller LFF Storage(Q0F05A)

The HPE MSA 2042 SAN Storage offers an entry level storage platform with built-in hybrid flash for application acceleration and high-performance. It is ideal for performance-hungry applications and includes 800 GB of Solid State Drive (SSD)




Accelerates Applications Affordably

The HPE MSA 2042 SAN Storage is one of the industry’s fastest entry-level storage arrays, and comes with 800 GB of SSD capacity standard.

The all-inclusive set and forget software suite includes built-in, real-time data tiering that dynamically moves constantly used data to flash and less used data to lower-cost media tiers.

New MSA 2042 models now optimized based on your typical target workload; Write Intensive or Mixed Use. The MSA 2042 offers customers the right SSD option for every application.

Set It and Forget It

The HPE MSA 2042 SAN Storage provides built-in, real-time tiering dynamically moving constantly used data to flash for increased performance and moving less used data to lower-cost media.

All-inclusive software suite and simple management tools for IT generalists and server administrators.

Reduces Risk with Modern Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Tools

The HPE MSA 2042 SAN Storage allows 512 snapshots standard for faster recovery.

Remote replication included for affordable application availability.

Grow Flexibly Now and Into the Future

The HPE MSA 2042 SAN Storage has data-in-place upgrades reduce data migration and drive investments.

Start small and scale as needed with any combination of SSD, SAS or Midline SAS drives.

Technical Specifications


96 TB Raw

Drive description


Host interface

16 Gb /8 Gb Fibre Channel/1 GbE /10 GbE iSCSI (4) Ports per controller

Storage controller

(2) MSA 2040 SAN Controller

Storage expansion options

HPE MSA 2040 Energy Star LFF disk enclosure or D2700 SFF disk enclosure

Clustering support

Windows, Linux, HP-UX, OpenVMS

SAN backup support


Storage mirroring support


Systems Insight Manager support


Compatible operating systems

Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows 2008 (64-bit support only)
Microsoft Windows Hyper-V
Red Hat Linux
SUSE Linux
VMware ESXi 5.x
VMware ESXi 6.x
Oracle Solaris
Apple OS X
Detailed information available at:

Form factor


Minimum dimensions (W x D x H)

44.7 x 57.15 x 8.9 cm


15 kg


HPE MSA 2042 SAN dual controller storage system includes two 400 GB mixed-use large form factor solid state drives

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