1403 Digital Deskphone

Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone Features:

  • Supports 3 administrable feature buttons
  • Each button includes dual LEDs (red, green) providing explicit status for the user
  • Includes fixed feature keys for common telephone tasks including conference, transfer, drop, hold, mute
  • Includes high-quality speakerphone
  • Two-line by 16-character display, white backlit for easier viewing in all lighting conditions
  • 2-way speakerphone, 3 administrable buttons each with red and green LED, Graphical display, 128×25 Pixel
  • 2 lines with white backlight and a wall mount with wedge stand.
  • Compatible with Avaya IP Office only.

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The Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone Dubai offers 3 administrable keys with LED signaling. The phones from this series are developed for users with the need to see many extensions at a glance and dial with one fingertip. The white backlight of the display lets a very easy readability of the call information even when the nearby is not really bright.

The Avaya 1400 Deskphones Dubai delivers support for hands-free already with the smallest 1403. All phones are in the well-known design of the 1600 IP Series, are wall-mountable and black in color. The most important functions are easily usable through fixed keys situated around the dial pad. The 3 administrable keys, each with a red and a green LED and paper labels are designed for users with the need to see many extensions at a glance and dial with one fingertip.

The Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone Dubai is popular for its simple and familiar interface. The Avaya 1403 Dubai has 3 customizable keys to be programmed the way you wish, hands-free calling, wall-mountable, LED light, high-quality speakerphone, backlight on the digital display making it easy to read in low-light conditions, one touch keys for popular telephone tasks such as: Speaker, Volume, Mute, Avaya Menu, Conference, Hold, Transfer, Drop, Redial.

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