Face Recognition Time Attendance :

♦ Secureye S-FB4K Professional Face & Fingerprint Biometric Device
♦ Using high – definition & dual camera
♦ 2 Ultra bright Infrared lamps
♦ ID Card / Mifare card function
♦ Color 2.8 inch TFT LCD Display
♦ 16 Keys with Touch Key
♦ Two (Red Green) LED lamp
♦ Professional access control Supported
♦ Warranty: 1 Year


Brand Secureye
Model S-FB4K
Type Face & Fingerprint Biometric Device
Camera Using high – definition & dual camera
Infrared lamps 2 Ultra bright lamp
Fingerprint reader High Resolution Optical (> 600dpi)
Card function ID Card / Mifare card (Optional)
Display Color 2.8 inch TFT LCD
Touch Key 16 Keys
Human body induction Yes
LED lamp Two (Red Green)
Input port WG 26/34 input, (can be external card reader module)
Professional access control Yes
Communication TCP/IP, WiFi (Optional), RS485
U disk port Yes (notice: only support FAT32 file system)
Voice output Yes
Operating system LINUX VER3.6.5
Face Capacity 500 (1000 Optional)
User record & Management 500,000/50,000
Access Control Access control function and optional access / time zone management, Anti – submarine / duress alarm function
Attendance function Attendance (on/off duty, overtime) time zone
Ring function Yes
Power management Sleep function
U disk upload / download Yes
Registration Information & record
Dynamic IP allocation Yes
Algorithm version Face v2.0
FAR/FRR 0.01% / 1%
Matching speed < 1 sec.
Intelligent updating function Yes
Face identification mode Support 1:N or 1:1
Working Temperature 0°C ~ 55°C
Working Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Warranty 1 Year


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